Aliona Savchenko & Robin Szolkowy, The Pink Panther || Worlds 2014 (x)
ONE! Singular sensation! (x)
Anonymous said: wait assmaster week what is going on

an appreciation project for the most important thing in skating: butts

Tatsuki Machida, Don’t Stop Me Now || World Dream Skaters on Ice 2011 (x)
Daisuke Takahashi, In the Garden of Souls || NHK Trophy 2011 (x)
Boyang Jin, Tango Amore || JGP Slovenia 2014 (x)

Mao Asada: Favorite commercials

happy 24th birthday, mao! ♥ (9/25)

Daisuke Takahashi: Dance battle finals || The Ice 2014 (x)
Team Japan being enormous dorks || Japan on Ice Courmayeur 2007

(in case you can’t figure out what they’re doing)

figure skating gifs by magicaleggplant. i post team japan a lot. requests are currently: closed