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    representing: Sweden Mishin (oh NO! hello, black dresses and awful arms) Jeffrey Buttle (oh maybe he’ll delete awful...
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    representing: malaysia coach: borser choreographer: myself (this could work out nicely) music: night on bald mountain,...
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    representing: New Zealand Nobuo Sato Kenji Miyamoto 8D music; Four Seasons (Vavaldi) musicality spins 11th
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    Representing: Poland Tom Z (Noooooooooo) Pasquale (If I’m a Tom Z student, not even Pasquale can help me ;_;) Oblivion &...
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    Representing: New Zealand Frank Carroll Rohene Ward SP Music: Night on Bald Mountain / Symphonic Dances Skating Skills...
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    Representing: Canada (plan to seduce Andrew Poje starts now) Tatiana Tarasova Myself… The Godfather, Gone with the Wind...
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    Representing: Great Britain Yuka and Jason (
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    representing: romania Coach: Raf (oh god, better not put him in a bad mood over my 3F…if i had one.) Choreographer:...
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    since the olympics are so close i felt like doing this again representing: north korea (…) coach: utako (but…how)...
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    Country: Norway
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    Uzbekistan [err okay.. all i know about this place is .. Oksana Chusovitina is representing them… LOL so I guess I’m...
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    Represents: Hong Kong Brian Orser Nikolai Morozov (AHAHAHAHA) Ritual Fire Dance (de Falla) The Godfather Skating skills...
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    Malaysia (eh. close enough) Hiroshi Nagakubo (brb stalking Akko-chan) Tatiana Tarasova (woohoo fur coat) The Planets -...
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